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  • Indications
  • Myocardial Infarction

Acenocoumarol in MI

Recommendations for oral anticoagulant therapy in ischemic heart disease are as follows57:
  1. For post‐myocardial infarction (MI) patients at low or moderate risk, aspirin alone is recommended (Grade 2B);
  2. For post-MI patients at high or low risk, in whom international normalized ratio (INR) can be rigorously monitored, one of two alternatives is recommended: aspirin with moderate-dose vitamin K antagonists (INR 2.0–3.0, target 2.5) or high-dose vitamin K antagonists for 4 years (INR 3.0–4.0, target 3.5) (Grade 2B);
  3. For high-risk post-MI patients, including those with extensive anterior MI, severe heart failure, intracardiac thrombi documented by echocardiography or history of thromboembolic events, combined moderate intensity oral anticoagulant therapy (INR 2.0–3.0) and low‐dose aspirin (<100 mg/day) is recommended for 3 months following MI (Grade 2A).